from Lois Temel

Welcome to the Beerey household: Dad's locked up, Daughter's knocked up, Mum's fed up... what’s going on? 
Beerey is the true story of one family's fight for justice, and to stand strong together. Honest, raw, funny and heartbreaking. It's all got to be a mistake, right?!
This verbatim one-act play tells the usually hidden story of the impact of a wrongful conviction on the family members left behind. Sue and Elle tell their stories with total honesty, candour, with no holds barred and a great deal of humour... Their story makes you wonder, what would you do if your perfectly ordinary family was suddenly swept into the nightmare of a high profile drugs prosecution? If a member of your family is accused of a crime will everyone believe not just that that person is guilty, but that you're all guilty?
Parental Guidance Advised: Some distressing subject matter, and some swearing.

Tue 18th July, 7pm

Thu 20th July, 7pm

Fri 21st July, 4pm

Run time: 55 minutes


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