Bethnal Green

from Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

On 3rd March 1943, the air raid sirens sounded in Bethnal Green. People made their way through the rain to the deep shelter in the partially-built tube station. A salvo of rockets caused a rush to the small entrance.

In the darkness, a woman tripped and fell and within seconds 300 people were crushed on the staircase. 173 people, most of them women and children, died. It was the largest civilian disaster of the Second World War.

The award-winning Lucky Dog Theatre Productions expand their canon of accurate pieces dealing with historical events and people with this brand new play, written with the backing and support of The Stairway To Heaven Foundation. Two actors play a variety of roles, quoting verbatim survivor testimony. In the space of an hour, the audience will experience the claustrophobia, smell, sounds and darkness of the shelter and the tragedy in this disturbing immersive experience.

15th & 16th July (2.30pm-3.30pm)


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