The Freezer Art Fair

from Underground

A series of micro-exhibitions in Buxton's newest, smallest and coolest venue - the Buxton Festival Fridge. A snapshot of work from the finest local artists in a disused industrial fridge! Fine art for the Twitter generation.

Find the Fridge in our top-secret Fringe Club, through from the Bar at Underground at The Old Clubhouse. And check out our micro-performances happening in the same space!


Currently showing in the Freezer:

Harriet Rous: Textures In The Landscape

Textures In The Landscape explores the effects of light on the world we see, particularly its role in creating fleeting moments in time. The exhibition aims to capture moments of transition and to push the boundaries of texture. It is inspired by the striking and constantly changing Cheshire landscape where the artist grew up. Wax and ink are used to prepare the wood, creating a look reminiscent of heather. The surfaces are then worked over in acrylic paint to create varying viscosities – focusing especially on gestural marks and fluidity.

Harriet Rous lives in Congleton. She recently completed a Foundation Fine Art Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and is soon to continue her studies at the renowned Glasgow School Of Art.

from 6 July, 12midday-10pm - ask at the Box Office for directions

Every afternoon and evening of the Fringe


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