from Wild Wolfe Productions

1940's London, and the Blitz has been decimating the city for over a year.  People have adapted, life goes on, but for some, like Maggie, it's created questions about their place in life, their mortality, and how will they ever find happiness?  Tonight, Maggie has an illicit date, but when someone knocks on the door and she finds long-time friend Roger at the door, her life slowly begins to unravel.

A story of love and life, Indiscretion shows us how extreme situations can bring out the best, and the worst, of human nature.

"With so many solo shows at Fringe theatre, it really is a pleasure to see a genuine two-hander.... The dialogue is so crisp..... it really is exquisite acting" - Stephen Walker, Fringe Guru

"Highly recommended.  Excellent acting which will keep you absorbed from start to finish" Sandra Cooper, Buxton Fringe Official Review 2017

6th, 7th & 20th July (4pm-5pm)


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