Hats Off To Laurel And Hardy

from Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

HATS OFF TO LAUREL AND HARDY has been frequently lauded as the most accurate, moving and affectionate piece ever written about the world’s best-loved comedy duo.  Time and again it has had audiences howling with laughter at live and filmed recreations of their most famous routines before reducing grown men to tears at the inevitable conclusion.
This is a play about the lives of Arthur Stanley Jefferson (Stan) and Norvell Hardy (Ollie). The show will guide you through their early lives, rise to international stardom, decline of their movie careers and their phoenix-like revival on the stages of Europe. It details their commitment, the appreciation of their fans, the love of their wives and – most enduringly – their unerring devotion to each other. Expect to laugh your socks off before having your heart broken.
It  has been touring nationally since September 2013 and is much-loved by the Fringe press.

16th July (8pm-9pm)


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