Peer Gynt

from Gruffdog Theatre

Out there, under the shining vault of heaven, Men tell each other: "Man, be thyself!" But in here, among us trolls, we say "Troll, be thyself - and to hell with the rest of the world!"

Deep in the mountains, the irrepressible Peer Gynt dreams of becoming emperor of the world. From the frozen peaks of Norway to the sun-baked dunes of the Egyptian desert, one man spends a life understanding what it means to be at war with trolls.

Peer Gynt is a sprawling, cinematic saga of mountains and monsters, revealing an intimate story of love, sin, and blinding ambition. With its distinctive combination of puppetry, live music and ensemble movement, Gruffdog Theatre brings a fierce intensity to Henrik Ibsen’s poetic classic.

"Electric" ★★★★★ 

10th July (8pm-9.10pm) and 11th & 12th July (6.15pm-7.25pm)


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