Twonkey's Christmas In The Jungle

from Mr. Twonkey aka Paul Vickers

Winner of the 2016 Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality.

“Mr. Twonkey’s blood type is joy and I am delighted to say he is highly infectious.”

Kate Copstick The Scotsman

***** "Dark, demented slaps you from all sides" The Stage.

His manager Mr. Pines has sent Twonkey over Christmas to the Iquitos Fringe deep in the Hallucinogenic Peruvian jungle, Will he survive?

“The thing is: its brilliant” **** Broadway Baby.

Imagine if Malcolm McLaren had directed Rupert the Bear ,drunk, making it into an oddball curiosity set in a haunted theme park and you’re somewhere close.

21st July (7pm-8pm) and 22nd July (5.30pm-6.30pm)


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