We Lost Elijah

from Shadow Syndicate

Influenced by the case of Shannon Matthews, the events surrounding her disappearance in 2008 and set against the dramatic backdrop of the London Riots, We Lost Elijah explores the concepts of youth identity, the manipulation of the truth and just how far someone will go to be noticed by others. Written as part of the National Theatre Connections series in 2013, this sophisticated and stylish play explores how friendship and trust between young people is tested to the limit when events take a sinister turn as the riots rage in London.
Wracked with guilt as he was responsible for getting Elijah home safely, questions fill Malachi's head as he attempts to unravel the truth hidden behind the disappearance of his younger brother, whilst Grace, Malachi's girlfriend, acts as a supportive shoulder to cry on, as she weaves a web of deception that spirals out of even her control.
Previous winners of Best Young Production and Best Young Actor, Shadow Syndicate return with a stylish production of this thrilling play that perfectly captures the provocative style of Craig's writing, forging an energetic and rhythmic performance that transforms and charges a blank stage with tension, humour and pathos. Stylised and naturalistic elements sit beside each other in this contemporary play which builds tension progressively as the conspiracy surrounding Elijah's sudden vanishing deepens.
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14th July (2.30pm-3.25pm); 17th July (7pm-7.55pm) and 18th July (1pm-1.55pm)


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